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Coordinated Access

Are you homeless or vulnerably housed?

Would you like to join the KDSB By-Name List, to help connect you to possible solutions?

Connecting individuals with housing solutions and supports through Coordinated Access:


  • Kenora District Services Board
    (807) 468-5372 or 1-888-767-2038 (toll-free)
  • Kenora Emergency Shelter
    (807) 468-5032


  • Kenora District Services Board
    (807) 223-2100 or 1-800-461-5766 (toll-free)

Red Lake

  • Kenora District Services Board
    (807) 727-2312
  • Red Lake Area Emergency Shelter
    (807) 727-2430


  • Kenora District Services Board
    (807) 934-6673

Sioux Lookout

  • Kenora District Services Board
    (807) 737-7117 or 1-888-737-2730 (toll-free)
  • Sioux Lookout Emergency Shelter
    (807) 737-7499
  • Sunset Women’s Aboriginal Circle
    (807) 737-7922
  • Nishnawbe Gamik Friendship Centre
    (807) 737-1903

Through community partnerships and support, work in the Kenora District continues to establish a Coordinated Access System, and to grow the By-Name List. These tools will help us to better understand the needs of the vulnerable population. Through Coordinated Access and the By-Name List, we hope to connect people who need them with housing and supports, and to advocate for much needed resources for the District.

By-Name List

What is the By-Name List?

The By-Name List is a real-time list of people experiencing homelessness in our District. It provides data at two levels:

  • Person-specific, for matching individuals with their housing needs.
  • District-level, for understanding the big picture of homelessness in the District.

Why is it important?

Data is used to effectively match individuals to housing solutions and supports. Aggregate data is used for understanding “big picture” (inflows and outflows, length of time homeless), measuring progress, and advocating for housing resources.

By-Name List Dashboard

As of April 30, 2024, the By-Name List has 277 Total Clients, 110 Active Clients, and 35 Housed Clients. This information provides a real-time overview of people experiencing homelessness in the Kenora District.

By-Name List of Total Clients, Total Active, and Total Housed
* Individuals who are “Active” have been in touch with a service provider within 90 days of the date of reporting.
Total clients by month with total active and total housed
New by-name list client activity by month

The By-Name List is not comprehensive at this time and does not represent the entire population of individuals who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in the District. The KDSB, along with Community Partners, works to add individuals to the By-Name List, so those in need can be connected with Housing Solutions and Supports, sooner.


Please let us know if you have ideas for how we might improve our work, or if you have any other comments.


Feedback Form

Please note, you must download a copy of the feedback form to your desktop in order to submit. Do not complete the application in your internet browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is homeless or precariously housed can be on the By-Name List. This might include those who sleep outdoors, or who are couch surfing, or those who access Emergency Shelters.

Provided you are homeless or precariously housed, you can be on the By-Name List, even if you have arrears or are justice-involved.

Your information will be shared with other housing solutions service providers, only for the purposes of finding you a home.

Provided you are homeless or precariously housed, you can be on the By-Name List.

Yes. The Coordinated Access team of service providers will provide any available assistance to successfully find you a home.