Gaa-bimiwidoowaad owe izhichigewin

Endaso-dazhiikewining onjii bezhig gaa-namadabid imaa Gaa-bimiwidoowaad KDSB Izhichigewin e-oonjiiwaad.

Bezhig gaye imaa niiwin gaa-dibendaagozisingin akiinsan bezhig namadabi imaa Gaa-bimiwidoowaad Izhichigewining.

Iwe KDSB Gaa-bimiwidoowaad Izhichigewin owe inwaazowag:

  • JI-izhitamaagewaad ji-wiiji’indwaa igi gaa-daawaad imaa Wazhashkonigamiing Oodena inake, gaye
  • Ji-dibinamowaad ini izhichigewinan gaye wiiji’iwewinan ji-onji-wiidookawindwaa awiyag, zhooniyaang gaye bimiwijigewining izhi.

Igi Gaa-bimiwidoowaad Izhichigewin inendaagoziwag ji-niigaanishkamowaad ini KDSB izhichigewinan gaye wiiji’iwewinan. Gaa-ogimaawid Izhichigewining odoozhitoon aaniin ge-izhi-biminizha’igaadeg gegoo gaye KDSB ogikenimaawaa ezhi-andawendamowaad ji-izhi-wiiji’indwaa awiyag dazhiikewining.

Ezhi-wiindamaaged KDSB Gaa-bimiwidoowaad Gaa-niigaanishkang

Fred MotaIt is a privilege to serve as your Board Chair for the Kenora District Services Board (KDSB). 2024 marks the KDSB’s 25th anniversary in improving the everyday lives of families and individuals throughout the Kenora District. The Board of Directors ensures that the KDSB continues to provide proactive support and services to those who need it and build upon vital partnerships with Municipalities, Unincorporated Territories, First Nation communities, and stakeholders.

The KDSB is firmly committed to the communities of the Kenora District and is responsive to regional needs. The KDSB builds upon the principles of collaboration and partnerships, proactive government relations, purposeful and powerful communications, and intentional reconciliation.

Our primary strategic goals are to have an engaged and fully resourced team, responsive, equitable access to services, enabling infrastructure, improved community well-being and belonging, and to be recognized as a catalyst for positive change.

The Board of Directors is obligated to ensure our services are being delivered in a fiscally responsible manner. With commitment from the Province of Ontario, the KDSB will undertake this challenge with a positive and proactive outlook as we work towards a future where our District prospers.

The Board’s continued commitment to you is to focus on how we can support our communities in thriving and to be an active voice on your behalf. As Board Chair, I wholeheartedly look forward to the work underway to improve the everyday lives of those in the District.


Fred Mota, Board Chair
Kenora District Services Board

Gaa-bimiwidoowaad Izhichigewin Gaa-dibendaagoziwaad

January 1, 2023 biinish December 31, 2026

Akiins/gaa-izhi-dibendaagozisinog aki Gaa-ganootamaaged
Oodenaang Baawitigong Jack Harrison, Mayor
Otawagibaawitigong Oodena Dan Sutton, Councillor
Iiginens Oodena Jodie Defeo, Councillor
Wazhashkonigamiing Oodena Lisa Moncrief, Councillor
Obizhigokaang Akiikaanens Mark Sobchuk
Gaa-babiikodaawangaag Zaaga’igan Giiwedinong Akiikaanens Barry Baltessen
Gaa-babiikodaawangaag Zaaga’igan Zhaawanong Akiikaanens Dennis Wallace
Maachin Dazhiikewin Gord Griffiths, Mayor
Oxdrift Akiikaanens Laurie Huffman
Ogaansi-zaaga’igan Oodena James Dalzell, Mayor
Onamanizaaga’igan Oodena Fred Mota, Mayor
Waaninaawangaang Oodena Doug Lawrance, Mayor
Bwaani-zaaga’iganiins-Nestan Baawitigong Oodena Matt Rydberg, Councillor

Gaa-maawadoobiwaad Gaa-bimiwidoowaad Izhichigewin

2024 Maawadoobiwin inagindaasowin  Download PDF

Date Time
1st Board Meeting January 18 10:00 gigizheb
2nd Board Meeting February 15 10:00 gigizheb
3rd Board Meeting March 21 10:00 gigizheb
4th Board Meeting April 18 10:00 gigizheb
5th Board Meeting May 16 10:00 gigizheb
6th Board Meeting June 20 10:00 gigizheb
7th Board Meeting July 18 10:00 gigizheb
8th Board Meeting September 19 10:00 gigizheb
9th Board Meeting October 17 10:00 gigizheb
10th Board Meeting November 21 10:00 gigizheb
11th Board Meeting December 19 10:00 gigizheb


Noongom Maawadoobiwin Ge-dazhinjigaadeg  Download PDF

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