Gaa-dagoshinowaad gegoo gii-izhised awiya inanokiiwaad

Gichi-gegoo Inakamigak

Endaso-biboon KDSB omikawaawaa’ oshki-anokiimaagana’ ji-anokiinid iwe ji-inanokiiwaad Gaa-dagoshinowaad gegoo gii’izhiseg.

Niibidebii’igaadewan gaa-dazhi-gikino’amawindwaa owe gaa-inanokii- waad Mino-ayaawin gaye Ginwesh Ganawenimigoowin – Emergency Health Services Branch website: Paramedic Training Programs in Ontario.

Northwest EMS accepts candidates from other provinces and countries if the candidate meets the Ontario MOHLTC-EHS requirements to work as a Paramedic.

Ji-biindigebii’odizoyin wii-anokiiyin Giiwedin Ningaabii’on EMS

The KDSB posts applications and recruitment packages on our website, social media sites, and various job boards. Please see our Careers web page to see current career postings.

Education Cost Recovery Program

Are you a 2023 Paramedic School Graduate? The Kenora District Services Board’s (KDSB) Northwest EMS is offering an education cost recovery program for new Northwest EMS recruits.

The education cost recovery program offers up to $4,000 back per year for two years to assist in the repayment of tuition, fees, books, and supplies.


Positions are open across the District of Kenora with the opportunity to work up to full-time hours.

Following onboarding and hiring with KDSB’s Northwest EMS, and the successful completion of 2,080 hours, a recovery of $4,000 will be applied. This can be stacked up to two times, which equates for a total of $8,000 after the completion of 4,160 hours.

For more information or questions? Please contact Superintendent of Training, Andy Trudgen at (807) 216-6326 or