Community Paramedicine Program

The Kenora District Services Board Northwest EMS Community Paramedicine program serves to bridge gaps between primary health care providers and the patient and focuses on providing convenient at-home care for the patient as well as reducing 911 calls.

Working in collaboration with your health care team, a Community Paramedic will assist in developing a care plan and act as a guide to the health care system.

Program Objectives:

REDUCE – the use of 911 and subsequent hospital visits.

PROVIDE – education of chronic disease management and progression.

ADVANCE – health outcomes.

FACILITATE – health system navigation.

IMPROVE – overall quality of life for our most vulnerable residence.

In collaboration with our community health, social and housing partners, the KDSB CPLTC program includes the following programs:

  • Assessment and Referrals – from our internal as well as external partners.
  • Community Paramedic Led Wellness Clinics – focusing on seniors social housing and senior congregation areas.
  • Home Visits – to assist the most vulnerable who cannot get in for proactive care.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring – to help the most vulnerable who cannot get in for proactive care.
  • Palliative care – to assist our local partners in filling gaps due to lack of services and to help our residents stay in their homes longer.
  • Mental Health and Addictions – to address the drastic increase of issues that are leading to early admission to ALC or LTC, but also to assist the drain on partner agencies which is leading to a failure in support for those who are on path to ALS and LTC.
  • Transitional Care Support Services – to help our residents in our rural, remote and First Nations communities where services are not available regularly.

How do I book?

Appointment Hours:
Monday to Friday from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm


Call: (807) 223-2100 Ext. 2488