“I am immensely honoured to be a part of our service and appreciate the dedication our staff demonstrates year-round. Northwest EMS paramedics provide compassionate, high-quality emergency medical care for those who call 9-1-1 or access community paramedicine services in the District of Kenora. If you see a Northwest EMS paramedic in your community this week, I highly encourage you to thank them for their service,” says David Hamilton, Director/Chief of EMS, KDSB.

“Our paramedics do incredible work serving patients and families in the District of Kenora daily. We have remarkable staff that navigate challenges and are a true testament to compassion and commitment to high-quality care in the field of paramedicine. Our communities ask a lot of our paramedic staff as our regions face shortages of frontline paramedics. This year’s theme serves as an important reminder regarding what the public can do to be better prepared for an emergency and how to help our paramedics when responding to an emergent call,” says Henry Wall, Chief Administrative Officer, KDSB.

To ensure you are getting the proper care from Northwest EMS paramedics, follow these tips during an emergency:

  • If you are driving and see an ambulance with its lights on, pull to the right and stop.
  • Unlock doors, turn on lights, put pets away, and gather any relevant medication.
  • Take a first aid or CPR course to always be prepared for the unexpected.
  • When calling 911, speak calmly and clearly; give your name, address, phone number; and be prepared to describe the problem.

The KDSB wants to say ‘Thank you’ during Paramedics Services Week as we recognize KDSB Northwest Emergency Medical Services (NWEMS) paramedics and KDSB NWEMS Community Paramedics, and all paramedics within their respective services, jurisdictions, provinces, across Canada and beyond. For helpful tips on how to help paramedics help you, please visit the KDSB’s Facebook page during Paramedic Services Week.

Kenora District Services Board and Northwest Emergency Medical Services

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