Starting November 8, 2023, Ambulance Communications Officers in the Kenora Central Ambulance Communications Centre (CACC), will adopt the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS), to improve the deployment of paramedic resources to meet patient needs by matching resources with the clinical situation and prioritizing the most urgent calls to 9-1-1.

When speaking to an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, individuals in the District calling 9-1-1 will be asked more detailed questions. The Medical Priority Dispatch System is designed to help an Emergency Medical Dispatcher better understand the individual’s level of urgency and triage them accordingly.

The Medical Priority Dispatch System optimizes paramedic resources, prioritizing the most urgent 9-1-1 calls, and ensuring the right care at the right time for people living in the region.

“The Medical Priority Dispatch System is a Land Ambulance system update that will provide improved, and more efficient call prioritization of 9-1-1 emergencies within the District of Kenora. This allows our KDSB Northwest EMS to provide the right care at the right time for the region,” says David Hamilton, Director/Chief of Emergency Medical Services of the KDSB.

The update in the Land Ambulance System is part of the Ontario Government’s “Your Health Plan”. Low-urgency incidents will be dispatched as soon as an appropriate ambulance is available and will receive follow-up call-backs to check on the patient’s status.

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