The Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) wants to advise the public of paramedic staffing shortages within KDSB Northwest EMS (NWEMS) that have affected staffing and resource allocations across the District. Most notably involved at present is the Township of Ignace.

The KDSB is making every effort to ensure adequate resources and staffing are moved to and positioned to the community of Ignace to provide effective, high-quality coverage to the community. In May 2022, the KDSB implemented an additional crew to provide enhanced coverage to the Dryden area during the day. This additional crew has now been reallocated to provide coverage to the Ignace area while the KDSB works to recruit additional paramedics to the region.

“It is important for the public to know that they are not without ambulance services should they call 911 in our smaller, rural communities. This situation is unfortunate and the KDSB does not take the matter lightly. I want to thank our Northwest EMS Paramedic team for their continued support and tireless effort to provide high-quality care across the District, as staffing shortages put a strain on all staffing in the sector,” says Henry Wall, Chief Administrative Officer of the KDSB.

Individuals experiencing emergent health problems should continue to call 911 and request ambulance assistance.

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