Land Ambulance Deployment Plan

Paramedic deployment in the District of Kenora is dynamic with resources constantly changing to best meet the demand. During peak demand periods there are 11 Paramedic crews ready to respond to any and all emergencies. In non-peak hours there are a minimum of 5 ambulances on the ready for deployment in all emergency situations, with crews available on call when necessary.

In all cases, the deployment plan for NWEMS provides for the provision of non-emergent patient transportation services between medical facilities. This service, however, is not provided at the expense of emergency medical coverage. In short, 911 emergency responses will not be compromised to provide non-emergent service.

Dryden Base

Kenora Base

Sioux Lookout Base

Red Lake Base

Ignace Base

Ear Falls Base

Pickle Lake Base

Nestor Falls

  • Rotating schedule with Sioux Narrows
    12 hrs (day) 1 crew
    12 hrs (night) On call
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Sioux Narrows Base

  • Rotating schedule with Nestor Falls
  • 12 hrs (day) 1 crew
  • 12 hrs (night) 1 crew
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Services Overview

Northwest EMS is responsible for providing emergency pre hospital care in the District of Kenora. We currently have 9 stations and 96 Primary Care Paramedics.

Contact Us

Our hours of operation are Mon.-Fri. 8am to 4:30 pm for all general inquiries please feel free to contact us.

Address: 20 King Street, Dryden Ontario, P8N 1B3
Telephone: (807) 223-2100
FAX: (807) 223-6500
Others: (807) 468-KDSB(5372)
E-mail: kdsb@kdsb.on.ca