Ontario Works FAQ's


Q & A’s Once Eligibility has been determined

1. When can I expect my first cheque?
Once all required information has been provided and your case has been granted, you could receive payment within 2 business days for direct deposit or up to five business days if a cheque is requested.
2. I want to move can you help me find housing?
We can provide you with an application for subsidized housing, clients can use tools available in the Resource Room in each office to search for housing, newspapers, computers.
3. Can you pay for my move?

If you are moving for employment we may be able to assist with moving expenses, you should discuss your situation with your Case Manager.

4. Can you assist with education costs?

Depending on your participation agreement supports may be available, speak with your Case Manager.

5. Who do I talk to when I do not agree with a decision my worker made?

Make sure you discuss your concerns with your Case Manager first. You can request an internal review if you still do not agree with the decision that was made. Some benefits however are not appealable.

6. Who can I talk to for extra money for my bills?

All benefits have to be requested through your Case Manager, Ontario Works has maximum shelter and basic needs allowances.

7. Do you cover Child Care Costs?

Yes, speak to your Case Manager. There are benefits available for child care depending on your activity requirements with Ontario Works.

8. Do you help with children’s activities or sports?

No, but each community has programs that are accessible for funding. Information is available at your local office.

9. Do you assist with employment related costs?

Ontario Works encourages and promotes employment and will provide supports to help you start and maintain your job, this could include tuition and licensing.

10. Can you assist if I have special dietary needs, i.e. diabetes, pregnancy nutrition, breast feeding?

You can request a Special Diet From that must be completed by a Medical professional. Once the form has been completed, return it to your Case Manager and additional funding will be provided depending on your condition.

11. Is there any extra assistance available for newborns?

Advise your Case Manager when your child is born and she will be able to provide you with assistance for your newborn.

12. What do I do when I get a suspension letter in the mail?

The letter will advise you why your file is on suspend, often it is a case of missing information which you need to provide to your case Manager. If you are unsure contact your Case Manager immediately to avoid your file closing.

13. What happens if I misplace my Income Reporting Card?

A replacement card can be issued after the 1st of the month.

14. When do I submit my income statement?

Income statements should be dropped off the week of the 16th. Anything brought in late will not be processed until the following month.

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