Your Rights


Ontario Works provides financial and employment assistance to people in financial need. Eligibility for assistance depends on a number of conditions of eligibility including income, assets, participation in approved employment assistance activities.
If you have any questions about any information on this form please contact your worker.

Your Rights

  • An Interview

    Any time that you meet with your worker you can bring someone with you. This person can be anyone you would like to have there.

  • A Decision in Writing

    We will write to tell you of any eligibility or financial decisions we make and the reasons for making them.

  • A Chance to have Decisions Reviewed

    If you disagree with a decision that we make, you may make a written request within thirty days to have this decision reviewed by your local office. This internal review must be completed by the local office within ten days. You will be told of the result in writing. You cannot file an appeal with the Social Benefits Tribunal unless you have first asked for an internal review. If you disagree with the review decision, you can make an appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal within 30 days of the date of the internal review decision.

Your Responsibilities

  • 1. You may be required to attend an employment information session.

  • 2. You may be required to take a literacy screening questionnaire if you have not completed grade 12 or its equivalent. If you provide proof of a learning disorder, you are not required to take the literacy screening questionnaire.

  • 3. If you are applying to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) through Ontario Works and you have assets above the Ontario Works asset limit and you have not previously used the one-time asset exemption, then you are required to complete an Agreement to Reimburse. If you are determined to be ineligible for ODSP, you must repay some or all of the assistance that you have received.

  • 4. You will be required to meet with your worker at least every 3 months to review your participation in employment assistance activities and every 12 months to review your financial information.

  • 5. Contact your worker promptly if:
  • • You receive a message that your worker needs to speak to you
  • • There are any changes in your circumstances
  • • You are planning to leave the province for any period
  • • You begin to receive income or your income changes

  • 6. Respond promptly if you receive a request for information or a form to complete.

  • 7. All members of your benefit unit who are 18 years of age and older are required to participate in employment assistance activities including looking for work or better paying work. Activities that may be approved include: Job skills training, Job search support (e.g. resume workshop), Employment placement, Community placement, Basic education or literacy, Addiction services, Learning, Earning and Parenting program Independent job search All members are required to immediately report any changes in their participation.

  • 8. Keep receipts and statements so your worker can verify your income, expenses and assets. Keep receipts and statements such as:

    • Income tax assessment or returns
    • Child care costs
    • water and heating costs
    • Rent or mortgage payments Hydro
    • Pay stubs
    • Insurance (e.g. fire/home)
    • Property taxes
    • Bank account books/statements

  • 9. You and your spouse have an obligation to make reasonable efforts to obtain compensation or realize a financial resource or income that the person in your benefit unit may be entitled to or eligible for. Examples of financial resources include the National Child Benefit Supplement and the Ontario Child Benefit.

  • 10. Obtain and report all available income that you or a member of your benefit unit is owed or receives, including any earnings, training allowances or other sources of income. Each month, you will receive an income reporting statement that is used to report all changes to your income. If you or any member of your family begin to receive income or your income changes, you must report this income to your worker and the completed statement must be received in your worker’s office by the due date. Your worker will review your income history regularly. Examples of sources of income include:

    • 1) Training allowances
    • 2) Inheritance or lotteries
    • 3) Sale of assets
    • 4) Employment Insurance
    • 5) Interest or dividends
    • 6) Insurance/accident claims
    • 7) Child/spouse support
    • 8) Compensation for victims of crime
    • 9) Farm income
    • 10) Earnings
    • 11) Roomer/boarder income
    • 12) Pensions
    • 13) Child care income
    • 14) Sponsor payments
    • 15) Self-employment income
    • 16) WSIB
    • 17) Money owed to you
    • 18) OSAP

Services Overview

The Kenora District Services Board is committed to helping you find employment and is constantly looking for way to help you improve your chances. Here are a few more resources to help you along the way.

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