Social Housing refers to rental housing developed with the assistance of government and subsidized by government for people with low to moderate incomes, seniors or people with special needs who can live, with supports, in the community.

Housing Services Programs consist of the following:

(1) Public Housing

Housing built under a federal public housing program and originally owned by the Province or by a partnership of the federal and provincial governments.

(2) Non-Profit/Cooperative Housing

Housing owned and operated on a not-for-profit basis by community based non-profit corporations. Funded under a federal or provincial government housing program it provides housing for low and moderate income people.

(3) Rent Supplement

Rent-geared-to-income housing units in privately owned rental housing and federal non-profits and co-op projects. Subsidies are given to Housing Providers to supplement reduced rents paid by tenants.

(4) Aboriginal Housing

Housing developed for Aboriginal communities with the support of the federal government (includes Rural, Native, and Urban Native Housing.

Social Housing Reform

Prior to 1998 the Province was responsible for Social Housing including financial responsibility. In 1997 the Provincial Government began a process that would see a major realignment of Provincial and Municipal responsibilities.

In 1998 the Province made Municipalities assume responsibility for social housing costs and continued to develop program reform that would devolve administrative and management responsibilities to Service Managers (Municipalities or District Social Services Administration Boards). The Province proclaimed the Social Housing Reform Act (SHRA) into law on December 15/2000. The SHRA provides the legislative authority to devolve and reform social housing programs.

The SHRA was replaced Jan. 1/2011 with the Housing Services Act. The new act allows for greater local control over policy direction

Services Overview

KDSB and Rent Supplement units are rent-geared-to-income only. Non-Profit Providers offer both market rent and rent-geared-to-income. For more information about Non-Profit Housing please contact your local office.

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