Housing Services FAQ's


Tenants are usually selected on a first come first serve principle. Some applicants with unique circumstances will secure special status for the wait list.

1. What size unit can I have?
Generally speaking the largest unit you are eligible for is determined as follows:
  • 1. One bedroom for spouses (including same sex partners).
  • 2. One bedroom for each additional member of the household.
  • An additional bedroom may be granted under the following circumstances.
  •    a. Medical reasons
  •    b. Disabilities
  •    c. Extra bedroom for someone who provides support to the family due to medical reasons or disabilities.
  •    d. To fulfill requirements as a result of a court or visitation agreement were the children are not members of the household on a regular basis.
2. I am in an abusive relationship with the person I live with.     How will this affect my application?
See Question 3 regarding Special Circumstances.
3. Are there special circumstances that may help me get a unit     faster?

Yes! There are provincial priority rules for ranking applicants on the centralized wait list. One status is called Special Priority Placement. If you or a member of your family is experiencing family violence or personal safety issues you may be qualify for priority placement on the wait list. For necessary documentation please go to the How to Apply tab.

4. What is the smallest unit I can have?
Generally the smallest unit a household is eligible for is determined as follows.
  • 1. One bedroom for every two household members.
  • 2. One bedroom may be assigned to parent and child if the child is an infant.
  •    Each case is reviewed by the housing provider
  •    a. This is agreed to by the tenant/applicant.
  •    b. If the housing provider consents.
5. Can I appeal decisions?

Yes you can. Following are the decisions your can appeal:

  • 1. a decision that the household is not eligible for rent-geared-to income assistance
  • 2. a decision that the household is not eligible for special needs housing
  • 3. A decision respecting the category in which the household been placed on the wait list
  • 4. a decision respecting the type of accommodation in which the household may be accommodated
  • 5. a decision respecting the amount of rent-geared-to-income assistance payable by the household
  • 6. A decision respecting a deferral of rent-geared-to-income assistance by the household.

The KDSB has an Internal Review Process which will review an appeal made by the tenant or applicants.

6. I am a home owner. Will this affect my application?

In order to qualify for rent geared to income housing you must divest your interest in the property within 180 days (6 months) after you start to receive rent geared to income housing. The property must be considered a residential property suitable for year-round occupancy.

7. Am I eligible if I do not have a source of income?

Yes, you are eligible to be on the Wait List for rent geared to income housing. Once you are housed as a tenant, you must pursue all eligible sources of income, such as, Ontario Works benefits, spousal and or child support payments, Employment Insurance benefits and pensions.

8. My situation/information has changed. What should I do?

If there is a change in a document or information with respect to your application, you must provide such updated document and information within 30 days from the date of the change.

9. When will I be notified regarding the status of my application?

Determination of your Rent Geared to Income application will be made within 30 days after the completed application is received. Determination of your Rent Geared to Income application for Special Priority Placement will be made within 14 days after the completed application is received. You will be notified of your status in writing.

10. Can I choose were I want to live?

Yes, you may select your preference for location according to municipality, street location, building preference.

11. How will I be contacted when a unit is available. What       happens next?

You will be contacted by phone or mail and given a week to respond. A letter will be sent to the last known address if you have not been in touch with the property manager and if you do not respond to this letter in 10 days your application will be cancelled.

An acceptance letter will be sent to you if you verbally agree to accept the unit. You must respond back in writing of your acceptance of the offer. At this point you will be required to provide income information and sign a lease. You will not be given the keys to the unit until you provided income information, signed a lease and paid the first months rent.

You have the option of refusing 3 units. On refusal of your third unit your application will be cancelled. You will have to re-apply if you want a rent-geared-to-income unit. You will be placed at the bottom of the wait list.

12. I live in a unit which is privately owned by my landlord, and       having trouble paying my rent. Are there any Housing       programs to help me?

Yes, you can contact the KDSB office for programs that may be available at the time. Such programs currently in place are the Rent Allowance Program, the Rent Supplement Program, and the Emergency Rent and Energy Fund.

13. I require a special unit due to a disability. How do I apply?

Some housing providers have units that can accommodate disabilities. Please ensure you include relevant information regarding you disability and your needs with your application.

14. What are my obligations as a Housing Services tenant?
*Note that these points pertain to the KDSB and may not necessarily apply to non profit providers.
  • 1. Pay your rent in full by the first of every month.
  • 2. Report all changes in your living arrangements and financial circumstances within 10 days.
  • 3. Give at least 60 days written notice if you are moving out.
  • 4. Report signs of damage to the maintenance staff.
  • 5. Do not damage your suite, buildings or other suites. You will be charged for expenses in repairing any damage caused by you, your family members to guests.
  • 6. Follow and respect the individual housing project's rules regarding parking, noise levels, use of common rooms etc..
  • 7. Provide all information requested during the annual rent-geared-to-income verification process.
15. I already live in a rent-geared-to-income unit. Can I move to       another Housing Services Unit?

Yes you can transfer to another unit with the portfolio of the same provider however you must qualify to do so. If you wish to move to another housing providers unit you must reapply for housing as if you were a new tenant. Please follow the steps listed under the How to Apply Tab. A Transfer Request is found in the Forms Tab.

16. How do I add or remove someone from my housing unit?

To add or remove a child to the household notification must be made to the property manager. Note that this may require a change in unit based upon occupancy standards.

To add an adult (16 years of age or older) it is necessary to complete an add on application. The person being added must be approved to move in the unit via an application process and must meet all the eligibility criteria as listed in the Who Can Apply tab. Please reference this section. Note that the person’s income that is being added to the lease will be included in the rent-geared-to-income calculation.

To remove an adult from the lease it will be necessary to have the person so state in writing. This information is to be provided to your property manager and you may be eligible for a rent-geared-to-income adjustment. There may be circumstances where the individual leaving may not be available to provide the written notice. In cases like this you should contact your property manager immediately.

Services Overview

KDSB and Rent Supplement units are rent-geared-to-income only. Non-Profit Providers offer both market rent and rent-geared-to-income. For more information about Non-Profit Housing please contact your local office.

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