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Henry Wall: Chief Administrative Officer

The Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) is a corporation that was formed by the District Social Services Administration Boards Act in 1999. The KDSB is one of ten (10) unique, northern, quasi-municipal entities created to deliver social services in the District of Kenora and is governed by a Board of Directors represented by Municipalities and Unincorporated areas within the geographical area of the District of Kenora.

The KDSB jurisdiction is approximately 407,000 square kilometers or approximately 38% of Ontario’s entire land mass. The area is comprised of nine (9) Municipalities and a very large area of Unincorporated Territories. Our Municipalities are Dryden, Ear Falls, Ignace, Kenora, Machin, Pickle Lake, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout and Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls. Each Municipality appoints a Board of Director member to the KDSB Board from their respective councils and each of the four (4) Unincorporated Territories elects a member to the Board of Directors.

The KDSB is responsible for the delivery and management of Ontario Works (OW), Social Housing, Emergency Medical Services (EMS – Land Ambulance) and Early Learning and Child Care services. The programs are paid for by both area Municipalities and the Province. The Municipal share of our total costs is paid for and apportioned among the nine (9) Municipalities and Unincorporated Territories according to their percentage of total assessment values within the District of Kenora.

As CAO, it is my belief that with strong leadership, forward thinking and engaged employees, we will provide a quality and accessible service to our clients, families and communities within our District which in turn will not only improve lives but also ensure that individuals and families can prosper, live healthier and reach their full potential.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments to share with respect to the delivery of service by the KDSB.


Henry Wall, Chief Administrative Officer
Kenora District Services Board

Services Overview

The Kenora District Services Board is committed to the provision of effective and efficient district-wide services that support its individuals, families and communities in reaching their full potential.

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